What is a kirpan in Sikhism?

Sikh Groom with kirpan

What is a kirpan and what does it symbolise? A kirpan carries multiple symbolic meanings and has great importance in Sikhism. The compact sword measure around 6 inches in length and is typically secured within a shoulder belt. Wedding kirpans however can extend to several meters in size. Carrying the Kirpan shows that Sikhs are… Continue reading What is a kirpan in Sikhism?

Top 10 Entrance Songs For Punjabi Brides!

Punjabi Bride twirls in lehenga

The entrance of the Bride is one of the most anticipated and emotional moments in a Sikh wedding. The right Bridal entry song enhances the emotional impact and creates a lasting memory for the couple and their guests. The choice of song usually conveys her happiness, excitement and love for the groom. We understand how… Continue reading Top 10 Entrance Songs For Punjabi Brides!

9 Steps of a Punjabi Wedding

Beautiful Punjabi Bride wearing her Chooda

Punjabis are known for their vibrant, expressive nature. This vitality extends to their weddings, which are colorful, exuberant and filled with singing and dancing. Whether simple or lavish, Punjabi weddings ensure non-stop celebration. Let’s explore the various rituals that enrich this cultural celebration.   Chooda Ceremony The Chooda ceremony is a vital part of Punjabi… Continue reading 9 Steps of a Punjabi Wedding

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