Sattavis Patidar Center: An In-Depth Look at the Venue’s Facilities and Pricing for Your Perfect Asian Wedding

Sattavis Patidar Center outside night time

Sattavis Patidar Centre is a social and cultural event venue located near Wembley stadium. The nearest tube station is Wembley Park station which is an 8-minute walk or a 3-minute Uber ride. It is an economical and affordable venue to organise weddings, other functions and parties. It is a venue where you can celebrate both private and public occasions. It’s often used during Navratri for Garba celebrations by the local Gujarati community.

The venue consists of three spacious halls named the Mostyn suite, the IK suite and the Dhamecha. The Mostyn seats 500 guests in a formal dining arrangement and 700 in theatre-style seating. The IK suite accommodates 300 seated in a formal dining arrangement and 600 in a theatre style. The Dhamecha, is the smallest of the halls and is usually reserved for events such as mehendis, live performances, seminars and exhibitions and seats 250 in a formal dining arrangement and 300 in theatre style, subject to stage arrangements.


The Mostyn Suite

The venue is perfect for those who are looking for affordable indoor places to celebrate their weddings and other private occasions. The centre also facilitates other functions such as business meetings, exhibitions, receptions and live performances.

Asian celebrations can sometimes start very early as you know. They do have a hire time of between 8-10 hours. The bride and decor company can have an early start if they wish and arrive at the venue for 7am.

The main hall hire price ranges from £5200 to £8950, with weekdays and ‘off-peak’ months (i.e. September to April) being the cheapest. Weekends, bank holidays and summer months are understandably the most priciest! Please note there are extra charges for kitchen access and corkage, so we advise you to get in touch with the venue to find out more.

The Sattavis Patidar Centre provides a parking area as well, which is totally free and can easily accommodate the largest of events such as weddings with over 500 guests. There are in total 220 car park spaces. Wheelchair facilities are also accessible at the venue.

The venue have a preferred list of caterers, which can be provided by them upon request. However, if you have a preference of a caterer, they welcome this too. With regards to cleaning of the venue after your event, they ask if any large items of rubbish can be disposed of by caterers, however are willing to help with the general cleaning of the venue.

Sattavir’s also have in-house decorators, which you can request. The pricing of decor can range from £3000 to £20,000.

You can celebrate certain Hindu ceremonies and religious occasions like Diwali and Navaratri. Sacred fire ceremonies are allowed at the venue.

There are separate bridal and groom suites to get changed and pampered in. These are private and cannot be accessed easily by guests. In addition, there are toilet facilities for both the bride and groom.

Newly built toilets are there at the venue which is well maintained. These spacious bathrooms and toilets add to the facilities and services offered at this venue.


Sattavis Patidar Center is located on J/W, Forty Ave, Wembley Park, Wembley HA9 9PE. 

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