Asian Weddings at West London’s Stockley Marquee

The first thing that comes to mind when you start thinking about your big day is the wedding venue. With the numerous options available, going from traditional brick and mortar to opting for Stockley marquee is something that you must consider. 

We have covered most of your concerns with solid answers on why you should consider the Stockley Marquee option in the upcoming season. 

Reasons Why You should opt for Stockley Marquee for Your Wedding

Safe for unpredictable weather

Stockley Marquee comes with climate control and air-conditioning/heating benefits. 

The heavy-duty tent structure is perfect for rain protection with the help of seam sealing and fastenings to form a weather-resistant structure. Stockley marquee is a well-anchored pillarless setup that can even withstand gusty weather. 

Backup Power

The last thing you need on your big day is for the electricity to go out and the heating shutting down. Stockley Marquee provides a backup to rely on for a smooth flow of your wedding timeline. 

Invite as many (or as few) Guests as you want

Stockley Marquee provides custom sizes, so you can choose the structure that will best fit your wedding /event party. You can host events from 150-700 guests all year round. There are exclusive bride and groom dressing rooms to enjoy the event to the full. 

The structure also offers onsite hotel accommodation with 80 bedrooms for the bridal party to rest and get ready. 

Take Advantage of Your Surroundings

The stunning Stockley Marquee is set in the 240 acres of gorgeous Stockley Park Golf Course grounds. When you have a fantastic view from your venue that you can enjoy all day –it will uplift your wedding day celebrations. Stockley Marquee offers the perfect opportunity to keep your guests warm and dry while being surrounded by natural settings. 

The Stockley Park Golf Course offers spectacular views in an idyllic setting. With our amazing outdoor covered and heated patio, it’s a perfect backdrop for your wedding photos and creates the most beautiful aura for your event.

Separate hall for Dining

The Marquee offers a capacity of 600 people for seated dinners and lunches. You can choose an in-house caterer or your own caterer. The catering offers a variety of cuisine including Kosher and Asian cuisines. Whether you want your guests to enjoy haute fusion cuisine or Cornish pasties –the options are delectably unlimited. 

What about Toilets? 

For events, Stockley Marquee offers facilities in nearby building with a connected walkway. Another option is incorporating a restroom connected to the marquee to help the wedding guests avoid going in and out while experiencing the elements.

Parking and Capacity

Parking is the main issue for wedding guests. With a capacity of 700 people, the Stockley Marquee provides a safe and huge private parking capacity for attendees. 

License and Permits

The Stockley Marquee offers dancing and live band permits, civil registrations, and indoor Hindu Mandap (fire) ceremony permits so you can enjoy your wedding without hassles. 

Check out the official website to find out more about celebrating your big day with us. 

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