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Henna Design By Krunal Tailor

In the highly competitive UK henna services industry, where many talented artists offer their services for weddings, Krunal Tailor‘s work truly stands out. His unique selling points are his exceptional skillset, distinctive style and excellent customer service, which set him apart from the competition. In a constantly evolving market, Krunal Tailor has managed to stay relevant and competitive by keeping up with the latest trends and styles in the industry.


Who is Krunal Tailor?

Krunal is an international, male henna artist from London, who has always had a creative flair from a young age. He expresses himself through various creative outlets such as painting, sketching, and crafting. Krunal’s passion for henna began when he discovered a loophole at age 11, allowing him to give himself tattoos without his parent’s approval. Since then, the art form has stuck with him and he has developed his own distinctive style through self-teaching, training and learning from others.



Krunal’s prices for his henna art, range from £350 to £600, depending on the intricacy of the design and the level of coverage. His services are available worldwide, and he offers private appointments as well as a bridal consultation prior to booking.


Shop online

His website offers the opportunity to purchase the henna cones and powder that he utilises for his services.


Pre and post-wedding henna advice from the expert himself!


  • Wax 2 days prior to application to avoid an oil barrier
  • Mani/pedi should be done before the application
  • Avoid moisturizing skin before application
  • Wash skin before application


  • Use the blunt edge of a card to remove henna
  • Avoid contact with water for 24 hours
  • Use coconut oil to loosen the design off skin
  • Pat dry, avoid rubbing after removal
  • Keep warm during and after application
  • Moisturise skin after removal to prevent dryness
  • Minimise the use of hands, wear gloves if possible and apply emollient moisturizer to the design




Krunal Tailor is an exceptional henna artist who offers a range of virtual classes. His teaching approach is unique and unlike any other in the industry. Krunal’s current classes are in great demand and have a maximum of only 6 students per session to ensure optimal learning.




Krunal approaches henna with an open mind and eagerness to continually learn and advance his craft. He believes that henna is for everyone, regardless of gender, culture or background. Krunal offers his services for various events, including bridal, private and corporate events.

Krunal believes that regardless of personal style and taste, from traditional to contemporary, he can bring ideas to life. Krunal aims to make his clients feel at ease, especially on their special day, as they walk down the aisle with their hands adorned in culture, history, and affection.

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