Top 10 Entrance Songs For Punjabi Brides!

Punjabi Bride twirls in lehenga

The entrance of the Bride is one of the most anticipated and emotional moments in a Sikh wedding. The right Bridal entry song enhances the emotional impact and creates a lasting memory for the couple and their guests.

The choice of song usually conveys her happiness, excitement and love for the groom. We understand how choosing the right song is so important to help captivate the audience and draw them into the moment. We have composed a list of our Top Ten Punjabi Bridal entrance songs:

Kanda Kacheya


Aaj Sajeya




Din Shagna Da






Mahiye Jinna Sohna


Kiven Mukhade


Tujh Mein Rab Dikhta Hai


Jinne Saah


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