All you need to know about Tamil Wedding Groom Outfits!

Tamil Groom Wedding Outfit

A Tamil groom typically wears traditional attire for his wedding, which is rich in tradition and symbolism, and reflects cultural heritage. The groom’s wedding attire is  chosen to exude elegance, respect for customs and a connection to the cultural roots.


Grooms have a range of choices for their wedding attire, such as the elegant Sherwani, the traditional Silk Veshti, and the sophisticated Bandhgala. Each option offers a unique blend of style and cultural significance to suit individual preferences. Tamil Grooms can enhance the elegance of these options as they like. For example, when wearing a Sherwani, they can go for a luxurious velvet shawl with embellishments, or if they prefer a Veshti, they can choose one with a rich gold zari border.


Accessories to consider


The Turban known as “Thalappu” in Tamil, is a significant traditional headgear worn by grooms during Tamil weddings. This ornate turban is crafted from a long piece of cloth, elegantly wrapped around the head. The cloth is often chosen to complement the groom’s attire, and the thalappa may be adorned with intricate patterns, embroidery, or jewels.


Wearing the thalappa not only adds a regal touch to the groom’s appearance but stands as a visual representation of the groom’s readiness to step into a new phase of life and take on the responsibilities of marriage.




Gold jewellery plays a crucial role in the Tamil groom’s attire. This includes gold chains and rings, items which symbolise prosperity and marital commitment.
Traditional leather sandals or formal footwear complement the overall attire. The prevailing choices for Tamil weddings include Juttis and embroidered/leather loafers, which add to the overall outfit.
Alongside the traditional ensemble, modern elements are incorporated to enhance a groom’s look. An elegant watches or a brooch, meticulously selected, can enhance their attire and infuse a hint of sophistication. These accessories seamlessly blend tradition and contemporary flair, allowing the groom’s personality to shine through on this special day.

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