Complete Guide to Asian Bridal Jewellery

Bridal jewellery shopping is one that requires a vast amount of patience and is that finishing touch to your bridal outfit, which you definitely can’t do without! Simple outfits will likely need flamboyant jewellery pieces, whereas if you for example are wearing a heavily embroidered lehenga choli you may wish to have jewellery pieces that are simple yet elegant.

Knowing what different jewellery types are out there and the individual pieces of jewellery options to choose from can definitely help you in creating that final look. Traditionally, brides often wore pure gold jewellery as a sign of wealth and prosperity, however, there is now a rise in popularity for brides to choose jewellery sets which are more colourful, and incorporate platinum or silver.

What is Kundan Jewellery?

‘Kundan’ refers to pure gold. Kundan jewellery, therefore, has gold strips which are fitted onto stones. This type of jewellery in India holds a legacy in India, with it dating back to the Rajput and Mughal eras. Kundan jewellery consists of beautiful intricate pieces and is a great choice for wedding events!

What is Polki Jewellery?

Polki jewellery is made of gold foil, with uncut diamonds secured. One side of the polki is flat and the other is concave. At the back of these pieces are elaborate motifs. Polki jewellery is timeless and classic pieces to have in your jewellery collection and can be passed down to generations. They are definitely statement pieces to have and are often highly-priced pieces.

What is Jadau?

The term jadau can often be confusing and does not refer to jewellery or stones. Jadau refers to the method of jewellery making, which sets the stones onto the gold in Kundan and Polki sets.

Pure Gold Jewellery

Pure gold pieces are chosen to be worn in some cultures, such as the Bengali and Tamil communities. Green Street in East London, Wembley and other places around the UK have great options if you’re looking for gold jewellery on your wedding day. Pure jewels and Joyalukkas in Green Street have pretty pieces for the big day. If you’re however on the other side of town, check out Wembley, particularly Western and Rathy Jewellers!


Wearing bangles on your wedding day is a definite must! In some cultures, it is thought of as being inauspicious for women to have bare arms at such events. Bangles enhance feminism and grace in women, they also complement outfits perfectly. Punjabi brides often wear a set of red and white bangles known as Choora or Chura on their wedding day and for a period after the wedding too, which is usually for 40 days. Wearing these bangles signifies that the woman is newly married and is also thought to bring prosperity and good fertility.


As mentioned above there are different sorts of necklaces ranging from polki sets to raw gold or even pure gold jewellery. Depending on what outfit the bride chooses on the day she may opt to go for a short and long necklace or one heavy necklace.

Indian bride showing choker necklace


A nose ring or nath is worn by some brides. The nose ring accentuates the bride’s features and is a nice finishing touch. A more simple nose ring is a better choice on the big day, as heavier nose rings can tend to slip off.


Brides in addition to their engagement ring may choose to wear a bigger more colourful ring or rings to complement their outfit too!


Anklets are also known as Payal, Pajeb or Kolusu in different cultures. Wearing anklets on your wedding day can signify a range of things, from bringing positive energy, to bringing good fortune for the groom, symbolising that the bride is now a married woman and supports her own health, particularly her reproductive health.

Maang tikka

A maang tikka or tikka is worn on the forehead of a woman and is hooked onto the hair. When deciding what maang tikka to wear on your wedding day, make sure to try a few first as different shapes and sizes suit different head shapes.

Waist Chain/Waistband

This is a great option for brides who want to accentuate their figure. It is seen frequently in Hindu weddings as this helps to hold saree pleats and gives that finishing touch!

Where to Buy Asian Bridal Jewellery?

Great places to buy intricate and beautiful jewellery sets include Nim’s boutique, Red Dot Jewels, Goenka Jewels, The Jewellery Trunk, Glimour Jewellery, Anayah Jewellery, Auroras Collection, AKN Jewellery, Nargis Collections, The Jewel Project, Jewels By Kaurs, Vrddhi and many more.

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