Top 3 Saree Shops For Tamil Brides in the UK!

Manavarai and Koorai Sarees

Tamil wedding saree shopping can vary in difficulty depending on factors such as your familiarity with traditional Tamil attire, access to specialised shops, your preferences and your prior experience with saree shopping.

It can be helpful to research and plan ahead, considering factors such as colour choices, fabric preferences and any specific designs or patterns. Getting advice from friends, family members (particularly those who have recently married) and experts in the saree business, will help you with this process. With our guidance, we can help you in preparing for the joys of saree shopping you have ahead!

Tamil wedding sarees can be found in various places, including specialised boutiques catering to traditional Sri Lankan Tamil attire. This includes:


Ranya Sarees

Ranya Sarees is a brand that seamlessly blends culture with modern society. Known across Europe and the world, Ranya is famous for its genuine handwoven fabrics and quality. Each saree is carefully selected from different parts of India and made by skilled artisans who prioritise excellence.

Ranya Sarees has grown and gained recognition for its unique collections, especially in Bridal and Kanchipuram sarees. The brand has also expanded into groom’s wear and bridesmaid outfits to complement their special bridal collections.

For more details on their store location and opening hours, please contact them on [email protected].


Rahjam Designer Silks

Rahjam Designer Silks has over 20 years of experience and offers the finest pure silk Kanchipuram sarees. Their collection showcases a wide variety of exquisite traditional Indian sarees, known for their elegance and charm.  Each saree is a unique work of art and holds its own special significance. Their speciality lies in Zari Kanchipuram sarees, featuring intricate zari work with 4-gram gold zari. With a range of stunning sarees made from high-quality silk, adorned with exquisite zari details, there’s something for everyone in their selection!

Address: 97 Capthorne Avenue, Harrow, HA2 9NG.


Casipillai Designer Collection

Casipillai Designer Collection is a family-run business that presents a diverse array of designer Kanchipuram Silk Sarees, uniquely crafted with a range of colour combinations. Each of their sarees proudly bears the silk mark, assuring you of 100% pure silk, with the option of either half fine zari or pure zari.

They offer an exclusive range of sarees, ranging from formal wear to bridal collections, encompassing designs that range from the simplest to the most glamorous. Designed exclusively to meet your expectations, every saree is as unique as the individual wearing it. For individuals who schedule a visit to their showroom, a free in-house service is ready and available. This service is designed to aid you in discovering the ideal saree that perfectly matches both your personal style and the nature of your event.

Address: 20 Village Way East, Rayners Lane, Pinner, Harrow HA2 7LU.

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