Asian Wedding Jewellery: AKN Jewellery

AKN Jewellery

AKN Jewellery is a jewellery store with a substantial online presence alongside a physical showroom, that offers a diverse selection of accessories. Catering to bridal needs, they present a range of options available for purchase or rental. Their services also extend to customisation, allowing customers to tailor their jewellery to suit their preferences perfectly.

Sujitha (Suji) Narendra is the founder of AKN Jewellery. She has nurtured a profound passion for culture, tradition and fashion jewellery from an early age, successfully translating her enthusiasm into a thriving business.

In January 2016, prompted by her family’s encouragement, Sujitha initiated her journey by launching an Instagram page. This platform showcased captivating images of Asian fashion jewellery, garnering substantial attention and positive feedback. In a remarkably brief period, this traction led to the establishment of AKN Jewellery.

Suji’s commitment to her business is deeply rooted in her personal connection, evident in the name “AKN,” derived from Arjun Kiri Narendra, representing her son, late father, and husband – the three most significant men in her life.

AKN Jewellery’s core focus revolves around preserving tradition, particularly within South Indian and Sri Lankan cultures. Sujitha meticulously curates or designs each piece, ensuring the essence of tradition is beautifully encapsulated in style.

Her collections encompass an array of styles, including Temple jewellery, Kundan, Cubic Zirconia (American Diamond), and Antique jewellery.

Suji aspires to create a shopping experience that is not only enjoyable but also inspiring and convenient. She is dedicated to collaborating closely with customers to fulfil their unique needs and desires.

Vrddhi UK, Suji’s amiable competitor in the same field, together, wield significant influence within the realm of Tamil bridal jewellery.

Suji actively engages in partnerships, collaborations, and photoshoots with different Tamil vendors have contributed to her recognition within this community.


AKN Jewellery Showroom

682 Uxbridge Road, Hayes, UB4 0RY.


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