Expert Tips for Choosing the Best Floral Buttonhole for Your Wedding Day

Floral buttonhole for a wedding

A flower buttonhole is also known as a small floral arrangement worn by men on the lapel of a suit jacket or a tuxedo. It is typically worn at weddings and for special occasions.


Who generally wears a flower buttonhole at a wedding?


In the past, flower buttonholes were worn by the groom and his groomsmen at weddings. However, today it has become common for close family and friends, fathers, and grandfathers to wear them as well. Some couples also opt to provide buttonholes to female members of the wedding party, including the mothers of the bride and groom.



What flower arrangement is suitable for a buttonhole?


The flower chosen for a buttonhole may differ based on personal taste and the colour theme for the wedding. Common options are roses, carnations, and lilies, though any pretty small flower can be used. The flower is attached to the suit jacket with a pin or clip and placed over the left breast pocket.



There are many different types of floral buttonholes that can be worn for weddings. Here are some examples:


  • Rose buttonholes are a timeless choice for formal events, typically featuring one or two roses in a colour that complements the outfit.
  • Lily buttonholes are an elegant option, often seen at formal events, with white or cream-coloured blooms, and can be paired with small flowers or greenery.
  • Carnation buttonholes are a popular pick as they come in various hues, making it easy to match them to the event’s colour scheme. They are also long-lasting and practical.
  • Orchid buttonholes are exotic and distinctive, lending a tropical touch to formal attire, usually worn alone or with small flowers.
  • Succulents offer a modern and chic alternative to traditional flowers. With various shapes and colours, they can be paired with small flowers or greenery to complement the outfit.


The colour of the buttonhole worn at a wedding is influenced by factors such as the wedding’s colour scheme, season and personal preference. Below are some guidelines to help you choose:


Try and match the bridal bouquet, to create that cohesive look.


For a coordinated look, choose a buttonhole that complements the wedding’s colour scheme. For example, blue flowers or grey can match light blue bridesmaids’ dresses. Classic colours like white, cream, or red are a safe choice, while seasonal colours like pink, lavender, and yellow suit spring weddings, and deeper hues like burgundy, orange, and brown are ideal for Autumn.





To select the colour of the buttonhole, personal preference, the colour theme and outfit coordination are key. A well thought out floral buttonhole definitely adds that bit of elegance to the outfit.

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