Top 7 Wedding Color Themes for 2023 and 2024 That Will Wow Your Guests

Dusty pink wedding theme

To all newly engaged couples, we know how your colour palette choice will impact your wedding decor, florals and reception looks. We will introduce you to the latest trends to help complement your vision.


Sage green

Sage green has become increasingly popular in recent years, and it’s not difficult to see why. This soft, muted shade of green is incredibly versatile and works well with a variety of other colours.


Purple, lilac and lavender

Purple, lilac and lavender are everywhere and we anticipate they will remain popular. This romantic colour works well for both the bride and groom, for any season or wedding style.


Dusty blue and light blue

While darker blues like navy and sapphire are becoming less popular, lighter blues, including dusty blue, are trending. These lighter blue shades are a calming colour often used in spring, summer and destination weddings. When combined with white, it creates a soothing effect.

Adding darker tones like burgundy or navy blue can create a more sophisticated feel. Combining dusty blue In moderation with a bold colour such as bright sunflowers creates a fresh and new wedding theme, especially perfect for summer weddings.


Pink, blush and rose

Soft pinks and blush tones create a dreamy and romantic atmosphere that’s perfect for a spring or summer wedding. You can add accents of white or gold to make the colours pop.

Dusty rose is a darker shade than blush and pairs well with neutral colours like champagne or ivory for a soft look. Dusty rose is a versatile and elegant colour that creates a majestic, regal, and classic feel for weddings. If you’re looking for a dramatic contrast, golds also match well with dusty roses. We recommend a classic combination of dusty rose, green, and white for a stunning colour scheme.


Warm and deep orange

Oh, and don’t forget about the warm and deep fall shades that are absolutely swoon-worthy for weddings! I’m talking about gorgeous burnt orange and rich burgundy, which have become an absolute favourite colour palette for weddings. These stunning shades bring a sense of warmth, depth, and romance to your special day, making it absolutely unforgettable. So, if you’re looking to create a cosy and intimate atmosphere, incorporating these beautiful fall shades into your wedding decor is the perfect way to do it!


Earthy tones

Oh my goodness, earthy tones are absolutely divine for weddings! Greens, browns, and neutrals are the perfect colours to create a rustic and natural vibe that will transport your guests to a breathtaking outdoor or country wonderland. Imagine incorporating natural elements like gorgeous wooden accents, burlap details, and stunning wildflowers to enhance that rustic feel even more! Your guests will be absolutely enchanted and you’ll have the rustic wedding of your dreams.


Black, white and maroon

A black, white, and maroon wedding theme is a classic and sophisticated colour palette that exudes elegance and glamour. Black and white are timeless colours that symbolise formality and a sense of occasion, while maroon adds a rich and luxurious touch.

To create this theme, you could use black and white as the main colours for your decor, such as table linens, chair covers, and drapery. Maroon can be used as an accent colour for things like flowers, ribbons, and place settings. Consider adding metallic elements like gold or silver to add some extra glamour and sparkle.

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